Lighter Than Hair

'Lighter Than Hair' is a weight based puzzle-platformer starring a walking Beard from Victorian London.

Manage your weight in this innovative puzzle-platformer from Beard Games and The Code Troll. Jump around, place balls of your own hair on switches to weigh them down, open doors, consume hair monsters to grow in size, and much, much more.

Developed by Lewis Moore and Tom Batsford (Beard Games - and Ryan Simpson (The Code Troll - within 24 hours at Game City 5's Blackcurrant Jam, the game contains 6 levels and will continue to be developed going forward, with a possible release on Xbox Live's Indie Games platform in the near future.

To play, download the included .RAR file, extract (with WinRar - free copy available online if needed) and run Setup to install. Have fun!